It is far more difficult to climb the summit within oneself than to climb the summit of a mountain. One can get a fuller knowledge of oneself merely by climbing one’s personal and internal mountain peak. It is fearful and unscalable like the climb to the summit of a mountain. Both the climbs teach one much about the world and about oneself. The internal summits are much Higher than Everest. The climber gets the inspiration to face life’s ordeals with determination. 

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We at Allergan have been working with Tarak Dutta for over ten years now for Talent acquisition as a strategic partner. Tarak, in the earlier days represented different Hiring partners and subsequently started his own ventures in partnership before his current avatar wherein he is heading Summit. Whatever be his association, for Allergan the face was always Tarak himself as the Brand, leading from the front with his depth of experience in Pharma. The brand expressed through its work and results, always. During these years, Tarak and his team have worked so closely with Allergan that they understand Allergan even better than many employees of Allergan. With Tarak at the forefront, our TA team feels relaxed that the organization and Brand Allergan including the culture will be represented the best way to candidates. Job fit and Culture fit of any candidate is picked correctly by Tarak and his team, almost always. That is what makes them most reliable. I recall they started many years back with a strength in East Zone however today there is no part of India left where they don't have their presence. There are many hiring projects we have done where we had to hire candidates in bulk for expansion. We worked with multiple partners simultaneously during such projects. Tarak and his team always delivered beyond expectations on such projects most of the time. 

Thank you Tarak for your partnership. It means a lot to us.

                Debasish Chatterjee- Director HR, IMEA Allergan


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